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Jessseri’s Crackship Challenge: DERSLEY. 

At the-hypocritical-critic’s request, today’s crackship is Derek and Wes.  Oi, I was not prepared for weirdness of writing crackships.  Convincing enough?

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Wes always expected to find Tabitha on his doorstep after Derek broke her heart.  With a temper like Tabitha’s and arrogance like Derek’s, their break up was not only inevitable, it was an inevitable disaster.

And so it had been when it finally happened.  They yelled so loudly, every auctioneer would be jealous.  They argued so incoherently, no lawyer would be.  And within moments, news of the tears and the screams were across campus.  So Wes sat himself down at the chair by the front door and waited for the knock.

Sure enough, the knock came and Wes opened the door with a smug smile.  But his face quickly fell in confusion.  The booty call expectations he had were instead met with… Derek.

Maybe Wes should have expected this.  In the past few weeks, he and Derek had bonded at soccer practice more than any Windsor – himself included – had liked.  But Wes’ major problem was that he hadn’t actually minded.

And maybe he should have noticed that their arguing had turned into that delicate flirtatious fighting straight out of a romantic comedy.  But Derek was straight.  He was straight.  Their staying late at practice with each other was just healthy competition.  And Derek really was missing out on the best Harry Potter book by stopping at the fifth!

Wes was doing a fairly bad job at convincing David that his recent friendship with his sworn enemy wasn’t due in some part to insanity.  But Wes couldn’t really explain to his Hatter that there were just some things the King of Hearts understood better.  It would feel like betrayal.  It didn’t feel like betrayal to Wes, but he did have a strange feeling in his gut that he couldn’t explain.

Now Derek was standing at his doorstep post break up and Wes couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t with Logan and Julian.

“What are you doing here?” Wes asked with little sympathy – a tone that wasn’t intentional.

Derek’s face was red, but it didn’t look like he had been crying.  “Sorry, I just…figured you’d understand more than they would.”

“Well, Logan, I guess I can see.  But Julian?”

“He’s…preoccupied with other problems…He’d want to help, but…”  Derek didn’t know how to finish the thought so he didn’t.

“It’s okay,” Wes gestured inside.  “David’s at the hospital with Katherine; we can talk in my room.”

Thanking God, Castiel and any other deity he’d heard people pray to, Wes led Derek through an empty hall to his room.  He would have had a terrible time explaining this to any of the Windsors.  They probably would have seized the opportunity to prank Derek.

Derek sat down on Wes’ bed – well, it was actually David’s, but he didn’t know that and Wes didn’t correct him.  Wes sat on the seat by the window.

“So I heard the screams from here,” Wes joked awkwardly.

For a second, Derek seemed frightened that this might actually be true.

“Tabby and I didn’t usually have bad fights,” he began, “because when she was mad I would just buy her jewelry and she’d be happy.”

“So what was the problem?”  Wes wasn’t sure he actually wanted to know.  He was sure it’d lead to a pang of jealousy.  And he was beginning to fear that it would no longer be for Tabitha.

“She was jealous.”

“Of who?  Sarah?  Casey?  A girlfriend of yours who I don’t know?” Wes joked.

Derek gritted his teeth.  “Of you.”

Wes stopped smiling at his own joke.  “Me?”


“What cause we’ve been working harder at practice and so soccer’s been taking up more of your time?” Wes tried to rationalize.

“No, I, uh,” Derek paused.  “I was talking about Amanda and then I started telling that one story you told me about Lu and Eva, and she blew up.”

Wes gave Derek a puzzled look.  “What?”

“She said I never get that excited when I talk about her – as if she’s seen me talk about her – “

“In all fairness, I’ve never heard you talk about her with even a positive tone.  Maybe a smug tone…”

“Wes, shut up.”

“So she’s jealous that we’re friends?”

“She thinks I like you.”

“She’s wrong?  I know we’ve had our differences, but I thought friendship put us past the point of hating each other.”

“She thinks I like you.”





“Isn’t it?”


Wes and Derek stared at each other with wide eyes.

“I thought you strongly insisted against the idea of experimenting.”

“I strongly insisted I hadn’t experimented.  I thought you had experimented with David.”

Wes rolled his eyes.  “We kissed once on a bet, not ‘cause we were interested.”


Wes was confused.  Derek was not a meek person.  But here he was, acting like he was hurt.  So Derek wanted to experiment.  With him.  But now he was upset, so it had to be more than experimenting he wanted.  Did Derek like him?  But he had just broken up with Tabitha.  He was just rebounding…in an uncharacteristic way.  But he had broken up with Tabitha because of him.

Wes was very confused.

“I’m going to go find Julian.”  Derek stood up to leave.  “Can we just pretend this didn’t happen?”

Wes stood up when Derek did without thinking – an old habit his mom had instilled in him to be polite to his guests.

“No, wait,” Wes called, even though Derek had not actually left yet.

And since Wes had no idea how to finish that thought, he didn’t either.  Instead he stepped slowly up to Derek.  Maybe he should have stormed up and passionately pulled him into a kiss, but something about being deliberate – the knowledge of what he was doing lingering in the air – motivated the boy.  It had happened instantaneously – the realization – but now that he knew it he wanted to savor it.  He wanted Derek, and he wanted Derek to know it.

By the time Wes was in front of Derek, Derek was wrapping his hands around Wes’ neck.  By the time they were kissing, both knew that the kiss was far too gentle and persistent to be the physical experimentation Derek had pretended it was.  And by the time Derek was on top of Wes on the bed – David’s bed – Wes knew he was going to have to figure out a way to explain what he was feeling to his friends because it wasn’t going to go away.

Wes always expected to end up lying on his bed – out of breath from an intimate affair – after Tabitha and Derek broke up.  Maybe he didn’t expect it to be with Derek, but he had expected the pleased grin on his face, the comfort of deep breaths and the pleasure of knowing who was beside him.

“You know a month ago, I hated you.  You hated me,” he admitted.

Derek contemplated this.  “You know how people always hate people a lot like themselves?  Maybe we just saw too much of ourselves in each other.”

“Does that make this masturbation?” Wes smirked.

“Well, considering all we did was make out, probably not.”  Derek glared toward the boy beside him.  “I’ll give you narcissism at best.”

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