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From a prompt given to me by the lovely windsorsresidentelvendork.  Dwight learns that Laura is leaving and rushes off to catch her.

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Dwight hadn’t seen Laura since he sent her down the hallway that night.  Why would he have?  He had been in his own hospital bed for the first few days, and presumably she had been at her brother’s bed side during this time.

He hadn’t been hurt as badly as some of the other boys, and he had been sent back to school early.  But he kept visiting the hospital.  To make sure everyone was okay, of course.  Maybe he always asked Justin how Laura was when he stopped by his room.  And maybe he always got the same sinking feeling in his stomach every day when he walked into Justin’s room and his family wasn’t there.  And maybe he made a purpose of walking the long way around so he could peek in Justin’s room as often as possible.  But he was definitely just there to check on his friends.

One by one, there were fewer rooms to visit, and fewer opportunities to get his hopes up.  Why did he want to see her so badly?  He knew from Justin that she didn’t even have a scratch on her, but for some reason this did nothing to appease Dwight’s nerves.

Nothing seemed to take his mind off her for long, and he had even freaked out three times and asked for someone to send him a sign.  He felt like he was going insane.

The first time he had asked for a sign, Dwight had been sitting in the lunch room.  He had muttered his misgivings aloud, much to the disturbance of Blaine, Kurt and Reed, who sat beside him.

Whatever conversation they were having about Mode or Style or Fad or whatever fashion magazine it was had ended abruptly, and Dwight could hear Wes and David’s conversation down the table.

“Look, I thought it was cute too, David,” Wes argued, leaning forward on his elbows.  “But it wasn’t canon.”

“Canon, schmanon!” David pouted.  “It should have been canon.  Luna and Neville are perfect for each other.”

Dwight stared at the two with a careless intensity and entirely missed Reed’s concern and Kurt’s waving hands.

“Just because two people are weird doesn’t mean they’re meant for each other,” Wes rolled his eyes, apparently placing little conviction in his previous declaration of thinking it was cute.

“They aren’t perfect for each other because they’re both weird!”  David threw his hands up in outrage.  “They’re perfect for each other because he listens to her weird, and she makes him brave!”

Dwight wasn’t sure David’s interpretation of Harry Potter was entirely accurate, but before he could interrupt – across the entire table, no less – Blaine finally managed to catch his attention.

“Are you okay, Dwight?”

Dwight looked at him with a perplexed expression.

“You said something about needing a sign and then you spaced out,” Reed explained gently.

Right, a sign…

The second time, the Tweedles were the ones who overheard him.  He had grunted it just before closing his door and falling onto his bed with a heavy sigh.  Fifteen minutes later, his mind already somewhere else, a yield sign slid under his door.  He looked down at the street sign curiously.  It was bigger than it looked hanging up.  And it was very dirty.

“What the!?”

Dwight jumped angrily off his bed and tried to grab the sign carefully, as if it was a biohazard.  But the sign was heavier than it looked hanging up too, and he fumbled it so it fell to the floor with a loud metallic rattle.

He heard the twins laughing outside.  Poking their heads in the door slightly, they joked, “How could we refuse when our Knight asked so nicely?”

“What are you talking about?” Dwight asked exasperatedly.

“You asked for a sign.”

The third time, no one overheard him.  He was, in fact, the one doing the overhearing.  He was sitting in the common room when Charlie and Blaine walked by.

“I thought you were studying with Justin all night?” Blaine asked in a tone that sounded more curious than nonchalant as he intended it to.  Dwight guessed that he and Kurt had some romantic plans that Charlie’s presence would somehow ruin.

“Na, he’s off to the airport to say goodbye to his family.  Now that he’s better, his parents are taking Laura back home.”

Dwight stood up without thinking about it.  The airport.  It was about a twenty minute drive if they were flying out of Columbus.  Dwight really hoped they were flying out of Columbus and not Dayton or Cincinnati…


Dwight was calling out and running down the hall to find his prefect before he could explain it to himself.

“Dwight?” Charlie and Blaine were stopped in the hallway, turned around to face Dwight.

Dwight had meant to say something along the lines of ‘Have the Bancrofts left Dalton yet and if so, which airport are they flying out of?’ but what he really said was “Havetheyleftyet?  Whendoestheirflightleavewhichairport?”

“What?” Charlie looked at Dwight like he had gone even more insane.

“Which airport?”  He repeated only the last part.

“Airport?” Charlie took a second to understand.  “Oh!  Justin said they were leaving in fifteen minutes.  Do you want me to text him and ask if he’s still here?”

Dwight’s face answered Charlie without any words, and he made the decision to call instead of text.  By the time Charlie had repeated the phrase “You’re still here?” Dwight had run down the hallway in the opposite direction, leaving Blaine and Charlie stunned and suspicious.

Dwight was not a runner.  He had never been particularly interested in athletics.  But the Dalton boys who saw him run across campus on this day all made a mental note to recruit him for their various sports teams at their earliest convenience.

Dwight came barreling over to Hanover just as the Bancroft family walked out the front door, and it was only with great effort that he did not crash into Mrs. Bancroft.  Laura’s face lit up and Justin raised his eyebrow knowingly – Charlie had warned him, after all.

“Dwight!” Laura cried happily.  “What are you doing?”

Justin, putting his brotherly desire to punch Dwight for even looking at Laura like that aside, said something about how his parents really should see the new sculptures in the Science Lawn.

“I heard you were leaving, and I hadn’t even seen you since…” Dwight was out of breath.

Laura pulled him into a soft hug without waiting for anymore explanation.  “I’m glad you’re okay, too.”

Dwight blushed lightly.  “You, uhm, you didn’t come see me in the hospital.”

Laura bit her lip.  “I was always with Mum and Dad, and then you were out in a few days.  I thought maybe it was a sign…”

Dwight’s eyes widened a little at the word.  “That’s actually why I came looking for you.”

“What is?”

“A sign.  I kept thinking about you and worrying and I couldn’t stop worrying about you and I asked for a sign.  And the twins tried to give me a street sign, which I guess was a nice thought but then the Wes and David were talking and I couldn’t figure out how it was a sign, but now -”

Laura laughed very quietly as Dwight rambled on.  It was endearing.

“David said something about Luna being perfect for Neville because she makes him brave and Neville being perfect for Luna because he listens to her and doesn’t think she’s weird and I didn’t think it was a very accurate reading of Harry Potter, and I haven’t really given it much more thought, but now when I’m standing here with you, I thought of it again.”

Laura laughed a little.  “You’re saying Neville and Luna was a sign to come talk to me?”

Dwight frowned slightly, thinking Laura was making fun of him.  “It just made me think of us…”

Laura noticed his face fall and reached out to grab his hand reassuringly.  With a smile, she clarified, “But you’re already brave.  You made me braver.  Does that make me Neville?”

“And me Luna?” Dwight asked, not necessarily to Laura.

They squinted at each other with a similar skepticism and then simultaneously laughed.

“All I know is that I couldn’t think of anything but you all week, and that I didn’t want you to leave without saying goodbye.”

“Well, I refuse to leave with a good bye,” Laura huffed, squeezing Dwight’s hand again.  “Because I don’t want to say good bye to you.”

Dwight smiled widely.  “Will you call me when you’re back home?”

“Of course.”  She paused.  “I know we don’t really know each other that well, but you just called us Neville and Luna and…”

“And?” Dwight asked nervously.

Laura bit her lip briefly before leaning forward and kissing Dwight softly.  Acting on the same instinct that had him questioning his sanity, asking for signs and running across campus like a mad man, Dwight wrapped his arm around so his hand slid up Laura’s neck.  Laura’s lips were sweet and delicate, and Dwight couldn’t figure out how – despite spending 16 years of his life without any knowledge of them – he would be able to think about anything else while Laura was back in London.  Even as they left his now, he began to miss them.

“I don’t think I like you as Luna or Neville,” Laura said decidedly, not moving her face further from his than was necessary to speak.  “I rather like you as Dwight.”

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