Good morning, evil Genius

Holy Crap. 

Woke up to having to scroll down to read all my notes.  And I didn’t even sleep for twelve years like I usually do!  

Also, nine new followers in one night?!  Holy crap!  (Hi dont-giveup, toughdependablesexy, sleep-is-heaven, thestylesslut, thealmightyllama, chelcarthur, and thisiscosmic!)  Another one of the reasons I started reading Dalton fanfiction (lionphantom?!  I read your stuff on before I realized there was a tumblr world of Dalton awesomeness) and an excellent fellow Chustin writer (Hi muggle-bornsolaris!  I love Same To You).

Anddddd, all of the love is on my Chustin stuff, for once?

Also, thinking I should maybe include a disclaimer on each story that says my stories are about Chustin, as in characters from Dalton, not Justin Bieber and…someone named Chaz.  This is a thing?  I would never have known this was a thing if not for Tumblr.  Maybe this is only a thing on Tumblr…  Well, whatever the case, I’m not writing about them. :P

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    Thanks! Hopefully there will be a bit more after all of this Chustin organization stuff calms down.
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    If I find the time, I will DEFINITELY get on that XD
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    Hi! I fully support you working on a Chustin story. :D Sometimes, when I realize I’ve read all of the Chustin stories I...